A Great way to learn about Sweet Tomatoes Prices is by visiting Menu Prices Genie. If you love eating at Sweet Tomatoes restaurant then you will find all prices here. What is great about this website is that it will tell you when prices are the lowest for example during lunch hours, Sweet Tomato prices are only $9.49 for an adult. This however is price for the weekend. The prices are displayed in easy to read tables so you won’t be surprised when you go to eat there at a certain time or day.

Let’s try to give answers to all these questions

Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant as matter of taste, there are 6 Isles of incredible food variety

  • Salad Bar
  • Dressing Oil and Vinegar
  • Soups
  • Tossed and Prepared Salads
  • Hot Pasta & Kitchen Favorites
  • Bakery

It is hard to not find what you want with 6 different isles to suit your cravings. There are times that during my visit I only indulged in the soup isle starting with the big Chunk chicken noodle soup. The large chunks of chicken were quiet satisfying and the noodles were perfect. Another one of my favorite soups was the Cream of Mushroom Soup. The cream blends so perfectly well with the Mushroom that It is hard to stop yourself. However, reminding myself that there were still so many more variety of soups left to try, I was able to finally put a stop.

Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant Bakery

What can we eat at the Bakery? personally I had a sweet tooth, and the first thing that I went for was the blueberry muffin and let me tell you that I was not disappointed at all. Specialist bakes these muffins to perfection and I really enjoyed the big chunks of blueberry that I got in each bite. Nothing beats a mouth full of blueberries immersed in a sugary muffin. It was exhilarating experience to say the least. Ofcourse since I had a sweet tooth after chowing on the most wholesome fresh vegetables for hours, I had to try the Chocolate brownie and I must say that the Bakers at Sweet Tomato Restaurant do not disappoint!