The chemicals below are commonly used to treat pool water. Remember to always read the label on the package so you can use it according to the instructions and dosage. There are many brands of pool water treatment products, but usually, the active ingredients are the same. What distinguishes brands of pool cleaning products is the level of the active ingredients, so once again pay attention to the label before buying it. Meanwhile, check out tips for vacuuming your pool at HomeISD as well.

Here are the chemicals that you need to maintain your swimming pool water:


The way to clear pool water is practical thanks to this material. Chlorine functions to bind dirt in the water so that the water remains clean. Chlorine can be obtained in tablet, liquid or granular form. Tablet chlorine is often an option because its solubility is low so chlorine is released little by little and lasts longer. Chlorine should be put into the pool water in the afternoon when the sun is not hot or at night because the sun’s heat can reduce chlorine levels. Treatment with high chlorine products or shock treatment is also needed once a week.

Cyanuric acid

This chemical is needed to balance the pH in the water so that chlorine functions optimally to purify water. The recommended water pH is between 7.2-7.8. Cyanuric Acid is usually contained in chlorine tablets, but if not, you need to add it separately.


This material is a surfactant material that functions to prevent moss in swimming pools. Usually, Algaecide is added to the pond the day after shock treatment.