Loss of teeth at the age of not too old whether due to falls, accidents, tooth decay, or others, is certainly an uncomfortable thing. In addition to making the eating process disrupted, damage to the teeth can also make self-confidence diminish in social interaction. The thing that is often used to complete broken and missing teeth are by using dentures. The use of dentures may be more commonly used by parents who lose teeth because of age. The use of a dental implant may not be a good choice for young people. You can research about Dental Smiles Unlimited before you choose the best dental implant service.

Dental implants are the answer for those who lose their teeth and are still young who usually lack food intake to strengthen bones and teeth. Although the cost of this dental implant may not be cheap dental implants have higher quality than the dentures. Besides being able to restore self-confidence, there are still many other benefits that can be obtained from the installation of dental implants. Installation of implants on teeth is not without risk factors. Therefore, if you choose to solve a dental problem through an implant, what kind of implant in the tooth itself needs to be understood more deeply.

This dental implant began to be developed since 1960 when the method of using dentures with bridge connections had many disadvantages. In the method of making bridge dentures, dentures are attached to the toothless part supported by the neighboring teeth. This method cannot last long because the risk of damage to the neighboring teeth often occurs as the neighboring teeth become rocky or caries arises due to the lower part of the bridge teeth being difficult to clean.

Dental implant technology can function to replace the original teeth. Because implants (artificial roots) can actually function to support artificial crowns. The movement feels like real teeth. This is different from the use of dentures which are sometimes prone to loss due to loose dentures.