Internet of Things or abbreviated IoT is a concept where an object (refrigerator, air conditioner, door, etc.) has the ability to transfer data over the internet network. If you wonder how IoT can change your life by providing ease, access, and convenience, you can contact us.

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IoT is regarded as the big new things of this era. Its sophistication can no longer only be seen in movies, but it can also be applied in your daily life. There is so much potential for IoT that can be explored and developed, so it is not surprising that IoT can at one time change the world, far beyond what the internet has ever done. IoT’s presence has proven to revolutionize the way the world works so fast. You can do the research on if you don’t know which app that you can use for the internet of thing as your household requirement.

IoT is predicted to become the most developed business segment in the world of technology. Intel reports that in 2025, no less than 6.2 trillion USD will be absorbed for IoT technology worldwide. This figure is obtained with details of 2.5 trillion USD in the health sector and 2.3 trillion USD in the manufacturing industry.

For your information, IoT innovation can reduce up to 2 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2020. While the use of IoT in the transportation sector, building industry and agriculture can cut greenhouse emissions by 7.1 billion tons. This is due to the ability of IoT to reduce the amount of energy and fuel needed to complete one job without limiting work productivity.

IoT will also be utilized in the oil and gas industry. As a high-risk industry, the use of IoT will play a role in resolving the challenges facing the industry. In this way, IoT can increase the efficiency of operational costs and the business value of the company.