Do we need to use solar panels? Why? The answer is very simple. Solar panels do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as in burning fossil fuels. So the use of solar panels does not contribute to the impact of climate change. By using solar panels, we can get clean energy from the most abundant energy source on the planet, the sun. Apart from that, you may call the best electrician singapore when you want to install new electrical installations for your property.

Here are the advantages of solar panels:

1. Solar panels are environmentally friendly because they do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide. Solar panels also do not contribute to climate change.

2. Solar panels utilize solar energy, and the sun is the most abundant energy source on planet earth.

3. Solar panels are easily installed and also have very low maintenance costs.

4. Many countries in the world offer favorable incentives for homeowners who use solar panels.

5. Solar panels have not lost much efficiency in their useful life of around 20 years.

6. Because the length of the pie is long, reaching 25-30 years. So, solar panels guarantee users to save on energy costs.

It turns out that there are so many advantages of this solar panel. So, if you use solar panels, you can get many benefits as mentioned before.

Unfortunately, solar panels have some weaknesses too, such as:

1. Currently, solar panels are still relatively expensive. Although many solar panels have experienced price declines, the prices of solar panels still tend to be expensive, which is around $ 12,000- $ 18,000.

2. Solar panels still need to increase efficiency significantly. The average solar panel is currently achieving an efficiency of less than 20%. This is one reason many people do not choose solar panels.

3. Solar panels are made of several materials that are not environmentally friendly. An example is made of silicon material.

4. If you are not careful, recycling solar panels can cause environmental damage, because the content of solar panels such as silicon, selenium, and others, which are all greenhouse gases, can be found in solar panels. This is dangerous because it can be a source of pollution during the recycling process.