Often we encounter in cars scratches are actually not damage to the paint, just a line of bumps or just sticking and hardening dust. If it’s just dirt, just wipe it with a wet chamois. If the scratches still appear but are not deep, the scratches will be easier to remove. How to find out how severe the scratches on the car are by looking at the depth. On the other hand, you may hire the best auto detailing oceanside if you need experts to repaint your car.

Eliminating Scratches in Cars with Compound

Scratches that are still in the light stage can be lost by polishing the part with the compound. Chemicals in the form of creams are widely available in automotive accessories or tool shops.

The compound functions or erodes the paint around the scratches until the scratches are gone covered by the paint around it. The compound commonly used to remove light scratches is a white compound that has strong abrasion.

The first step, clean the scratched surface of the car by using water to remove dirt dust that may still be attached. Then, wipe the surface of the car dry using a cloth microfiber cloth.

Polish the part with a polish compound. You have to polish the compound relatively quickly so it doesn’t dry out quickly. If it dries, the compounded former sticks are increasingly difficult to clean and sometimes become spots. When polishing, do not be too pressed so that the paint part is not eroded much and becomes striped.

After the polishing process is complete, rinse the scratch marks again with clean water then dry them. After that, you can coat the part with wax.

Disguise Scratches in the Car Using Scratch Remover

How to use it is also easy, you just need to apply a liquid scratch remover using your fingers on the car body that is scratched evenly. After that, rub the section using a micro-fiber cloth. Press slowly so that the liquid scratch remover can work optimally.

If the scratch is not severe, you can also try covering it with a scratch remover. This magic liquid is usually widely available in car accessories stores. This scratch remover application may take up to five times the polish to remove scratches properly.