If there is one familiar animal that causes a lot of trouble in the environment both housing, offices, warehousing, and agriculture, then these animals must be rats http://www.self-storage-hk.com/. Everywhere in the world, there are approximately 300 species of mice and rats (Muridae, Rodentia). In Asia, there are several mouse species that are easily found and they often attack 迷你倉 for foods, such as:

Rattus argentiventer / rice field mouse: has a relatively short tail, weighs around 100-230 grams, the length from the tip of the mouth to the tail 270-370 mm, can be found in rice fields, housing, mountains, has a high tolerance to water.

Rattus exulans / bush rats: field rats, human rats, wind mice, gnats: small size, long nose tip to tail 190-290 mm, body color over gray, good at climbing, can be found in bushes, gardens, houses, do not like areas with lots of water.

Rattus novergicus: about 300-400 mm long, commonly found in port cities and nesting in homes and on the banks of irrigation channels.

Bandicota indica: large, can reach 500 grams in weight, can reach 400 mm in length, dark brown or black body color and overgrown with long and shabby fur, found on the islands of Sumatra and Java in settlements and warehouses, usually able to dig the ground for their nest and making tunnels under the floor or foundation of warehouse buildings, eating grains, plant roots, snails, lizards.

Rattus diardi is 220-370 mm long, the color of upper and lower body hair is dark gray, the length of the tail is usually longer than the length of the body (from nose to tail), living and breeding in homes and warehouses, can be found in many countries with islands -mall islands in southeast Asia.

Mus musculus: small in size not weighing more than 20 grams, can be distinguished from house mice by seeing small and narrow feet, living indoors, sometimes found in cabinets, in kitchens and furniture, not found in the sky – house sky.