Do you want dr william portuese who will perform plastic surgery for you? After you undergo plastic surgery, you will enter a period of recovery or recovery. This period is arguably the most time-consuming period. The clinic will provide accommodation for you. A few days after surgery, the patient’s limbs will be slightly swollen. If the swelling is on the face, the patient will have difficulty eating or talking. If you have rhinoplasty or nose surgery, you will have difficulty breathing through your nose. Because of that, you need to invite the closest person to accompany and help you during your hospitalization.

After plastic surgery, you may get full care until your face can fully recover. The treatment you get is usually a package that has been provided by a medical agent. There is also a possibility of infection and bleeding which is an example of the side effects of plastic surgery. If an infection occurs, the doctor will give you antibiotics. To prevent bleeding, don’t touch the surgery area too often. If you have to change the bandages, the doctor and the nurse team will provide care for you.

After the face condition has almost improved or has fully improved, the surgeon will do a final check on you. In this final stage, photos of facial conditions before and after plastic surgery will be compared. In addition to comparing, the surgeon will check the health of your body. If it does improve, the surgeon will allow you to go home.

You must know and understand the stages that must be lived from the beginning to the end. You must get the best results. Besides knowing the stages of plastic surgery, you also need to know the right surgeon. Even though there are so many surgeons that offer plastic surgery, they are not created equally. You get quality based on the surgeon that you choose from.