Everyone knows that honey has many benefits for the body. In fact, there are many people who consume honey regularly to get good body condition. Some people also find out about what are d benefits of honey . Honey has very good benefits for the body. In fact, some people consume honey regularly in the morning so they can benefit from the honey.

However, there are many people who are wrong in consuming honey. Some people don’t realize this mistake and they do it every day. For example, we tend to consume it by mixing it with warm or hot water. In fact, honey will be much better if consumed with cold water or ice water so that the enzymes remain in the best quality. Besides that, it’s good that we don’t mix it with other ingredients such as tea, milk, and so on.

When taking honey, it’s good that we take it little by little and not use metal spoons that we also use when eating rice. In addition, the spoon we have used to eat honey should not be used again to take honey. Eman himself advises us to use plastic, ceramic or wood spoons because it will not have the effect of corrosion as a metal spoon.

Storage of honey must also be considered properly. Store honey in a tightly packed container that is not easy to enter from outside. In addition, honey should also not be stored in the refrigerator. Although honey will not be stale, it’s good to spend honey in one or two months so that we can always consume honey with the best quality so that it can provide the best health benefits for the body.

You have to consume honey properly so you can get the benefits of the honey. If you eat it wrong, then you cannot get the benefits of the honey.