The bathing time is one of the most exciting moments for children. Aside from splashing water, they often enjoy the bubbly soaps too. Furthermore, they also love it when the water pours on their head when they take a shower. Unfortunately, you can’t buy shower panels recklessly if you have a child. You need to know several things that can help you buy the right and safe shower panel if you have a child or several children at home.

Here are the things that you must know:

Buy the one which can be attached and detached from the walls easily

This allows you to reattach the panel to a higher position if it can be reached by your kids easily. Remember that the hot water feature may harm them, so it will be a good thing if it can be attached or detached from the wall without with ease.

Consider the ones with lock system (if there is any in your nearby stores)

If the buttons can be locked, the risk of your child to be harmed due to an accident with a hot water shower can be reduced greatly.